What Is Yohimbe: Its Benefits And Side Effects

Yohimbe is a very well-known supplement that many people take for the treatment of various sexually oriented issues they face. This supplement is effective both for the treatment of male and female sexual issues. Yohimbe’s supplements comes from the bark of an African tree. Not everyone takes this evergreen supplement, but its uses and matchless benefits can easily convince anyone to make it a part of their life for some specific reasons. It is, however, pertinent to know that different Yohimbe supplements have varied quantity of Yohimbe in them. It is important to consult your doctor before you decide to take a specific dosage. Different people have different requirements and endurance level when it comes to Yohimbe and, therefore, it is never suggested to self-prescribe the dosage and start taking the supplement yourself.

This article is a complete breakdown down on how Yohimbe supplements work, what are their benefits, as well as the side effects associated to their excessive intake. It must be noted that some activated forms of Yohimbe are illegal to be sold and dealt in in majority parts of the world especially the developed states.

How Yohimbe Works?


Most of the Yohimbe supplementations are taken orally. These supplements have a power to increase and regulate the flow of blood towards the male and female reproductive and sexual organs. Moreover, the chemical in Yohimbe supplements also works effectively against the repressing effects of a few medicines that work by repressing an individual’s reproductive system’s working. Besides regulating the sexual functions, the Yohimbe supplements also treat a variety of other issues effectively and have been shown to have beneficial effects for the body.

Benefits of Yohimbe Intake

Besides curing the problems related to erectile dysfunction and increasing sexual stamina, these supplements have the following magical effect for your health:

  • Weight Loss: There is now an enough and well-established evidence that taking regular doses of Yohimbe helps in the weight reduction and reduces obesity over larger periods of time. This is possible because of this elements ability to block a few fat cells receptors which results in less fat accumulation. As a result, people have lesser chances of becoming obese and more possibilities for weight reduction.
  • Reduces the effects of hypotension: For people developing head rush and headaches due to persistent low blood pressure, this supplement has positive effects. The active chemical in this drug has the ability to increase the blood’s flow in the body. As a result, people can recover the lower Blood pressures and can avoid the side-effects of hypotension.
  • Cures dry mouth: There are higher chances for an individual to develop dry mouth and other oral dryness issues as a result of a consistent intake of depression curing medicines. There is some limited, yet authentic, research on the effects of yohimbine to reduce the problems emerging as a result of such medicines’ intake. The intake of Yohimbe, therefore, also treats dry mouth to some extent at least if not completely.
  • Diminishes the effects and intensity of exhaustion: Yohimbine in the Yohimbe supplements works effectively for the increase in the levels of blood in the body and provides energy. This improves the individual’s stamina and thus lowers the levels of exhaustion.
  • Reduces Chest Pain: Regular Yohimbe intake represses the severity of chest pains in people with cardiovascular or breathing disorders but there is little evidence for this claim as of now.
  • Helps people with anxiety issues: yohimbine found in Yohimbe supplements, if taken in moderate amounts, helps people with anxiety and other psychological phobias.

Side Effects of Yohimbe Intake


Since it is a very active drug, Yohimbe must not be taken in excessive amounts. Moreover, in people with certain psychological disorders and those who are already consuming some medicines, Yohimbe might have adverse effects. People who are not sexually active, children, and pregnant women must not take Yohimbe at any cost because of the excessively strong effects this drug comes with.

More than the required intake of Yohimbe can lead to severe health complications like breathing issues, persistent fever, miscarriages, inability to lactate, skin infections, damage to vital organs like brain and heart, renal failure in extreme cases, vomiting, nausea, allergic reactions, etc.