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shred city workout program by soal athletics


No more looking in the mirror and not liking what we see! This is an athlete’s guide to shredding excess body weight and obtaining a leaner physique.

We engineered this guide for male and female athletes who want to lose weight, are looking to prepare for a competition, want to get slimmer, stronger, and look aesthetically more fit.

This shred will consist of enhancing Muscular Performance and burning fat in 30 days.

What’s inside


Complete Pro Information Overload


30 Days of Fat Burning Workouts


31 Shred Tips


Easy Digital Accessibility


Step by Step Exercises


41 Dos & Dont's of Losing Weight

Chapter 1:

Call of the Hustler

Welcome to the Cipriani mob family, one of the biggest networked families in all east Shred City. Any work, trafficking or revenue goes down in this town , we control it or know about it.

But everyone from West to East isle know we truly specialize in fat burning, and we’re damn good at it. Which is why you’re here.

We brought you here because word has been passed down that you’re interested in the business. Maybe you got what it takes to be a part of this prestigious organization. You want to make some serious dough? You want to burn some serious fat?



Tricks to Burning Fat

Condensed Pages

We take extreme pride in making sure you get the most bang for your buck. This means taking 100s of pages of tips, tricks, common errors and pro approved fat burning secrets and making them compact. So compact that this will be one of the shortest yet most knowledgeable and fulfilling reads you’ll ever have when it comes to working out.

That is the SOAL Quality Engineering Guarantee.

five star review by soal athletics

If you’re searching for a program that will put your physical and mental limits to the test , this (30) day shred is the most challenging that I’ve completed.

– Taylor T.

I liked this program so much i'd do it again for free!

– Greg B.

I noticed a huge difference in how I felt. i actually enjoy looking in the mirror now.

– Gizelle W.

shred city workout program by soal athletics

about the author.

Darius M.Riddick

  Darius M. Riddick is the CEO & Founder of SOAL Athletics, Inc. He founded SOAL  in 2018 with the premise of Fueling Elite Athletes®. Darius began his athletic career as kid, playing football and running track. Shortly after High School ,Darius had the burning desire to serve, in which he joined the United States Air Force as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician. It was there he fell in love with Fitness. He earned his bodybuilding Pro Card in Classic Physique and shortly thereafter, shook the Powerlifting Platform with 3 World Records.

Today, Darius is an active Performance Enhancement Specialist pursuing a B.S. degree in Health and Wellness from Purdue University.

Signature. Darius M. Riddick


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