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Build your better biceps ebook by SOAL Athletics


During this adventure we will cover the anatomy, physiology and mechanics of Biceps to ensure your success. It will be up to you to tactically use the knowledge and dominate the battlefield.

Our Terminal Objective is stone-cold mastery of the anatomy and physiology of the Biceps. Furthermore to enhance upper body anterior strength and increase your functional knowledge to help prevent injury.

This hunt will consist of enhancing Muscular Performance and Hypertrophic endurance in 30 days.

Best of luck on your hunt!

What’s inside


Complete Anatomical Breakdown


30 Pro Workouts


5 Muscle Building Secrets


Easy Digital Accessibility


Step by Step Exercises


40 Dos & Donts of Bicep Building

Chapter 1: Call of the Wild

Biceps are perhaps the most notable and craved game in the hunt through fitness. No matter what your goals may be, at some point you have craved the ”sexy flex” that comes form a nice pair of arms.

For many of us, it was the first goal targeted during the hunt. Their simplistic, yet tantric manner attracts everyone from enthusiast to professional athletes.

Unfortunately, the quest for bigger, better biceps doesn’t yield success from simple external stimulus: In fact, they require…//



Tricks to Growth

Condensed Pages

We take extreme pride in making sure you get the most bang for your buck. This means taking 100s of pages of tips, tricks, common errors and pro bodybuilding secrets and making them compact. So compact that this will be one of the shortest yet most knowledgeable and fulfilling reads you’ll ever have when it comes to working out.

That is the SOAL Quality Engineering Guarantee.

five star review by soal athletics

I Love how he talks about the anatomy and physiology of the muscle. I learn so much just from a few pages.

– Janice W.

This Sh*t is sick!

– Aaron H.

I actually feel like i've made progress instead of just going to the gym and not seeing results.

– Potter F.

Build your better biceps ebook by SOAL Athletics

about the author.

Darius M.Riddick

  Darius M. Riddick is the CEO & Founder of SOAL Athletics, Inc. He founded SOAL  in 2018 with the premise of Fueling Elite Athletes®. Darius began his athletic career as kid, playing football and running track. Shortly after High School ,Darius had the burning desire to serve, in which he joined the United States Air Force as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician. It was there he fell in love with Fitness. He earned his bodybuilding Pro Card in Classic Physique and shortly thereafter, shook the Powerlifting Platform with 3 World Records.

Today, Darius is an active Performance Enhancement Specialist pursuing a B.S. degree in Health and Wellness from Purdue University.

Signature. Darius M. Riddick


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bodybuilding ebook by SOAL Athletics

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