The 40%

With the rise in technological advances and a more sedentary lifestyle, our society is bigger and more out of shape than ever before. Studies show that over 59% of people are overweight for their height and age and 30% are obese. These numbers are only expected to increase dramatically within the next decade. The number one killer amongst adults is chronic heart disease caused by a sedentary lifestyle, lack of training and poor diet. So we say congratulations on becoming a part the 40%. By reading this you have already taken the first step to what over half of the population will not do. This is the first brick on a long yet rewarding road to being physically fit.

The next step is learning what your body can do. If you’re just starting out and did not know this–the quickest way to kill your fitness goals is by an injury. Majority of the time this is caused by improper preventative and rehabilitative maintenance (improper stretch or not stretching at all.) In Phase 1 be prepared to learn all about the movements and capabilities of the body. Our programs in phase 1 focus on Flexibility, Joint Stability and Muscular Performance.

Phase 1 – Muscular Endurance

The first official muscular start of your journey. In Phase 1 you will learn the muscular function of the body. Names, compliments, ancillary and push/pull factors are all inherent to this level. It’s a firehose of information but should be well retained along your journey as the principles learned in Phase 1 will be carried through the entirety of your journey.


The Training Statement

The intent of this regimen is for Phase 1 athletes to understand the functionality of the human body and improve their cardiovascular health and muscular performance.



You know that feeling you get when you just had an intense cardio session. It’s almost mmmm…ORGASMIC!. That’s what this plan is all about. A lot of people are not comfortable working out or they have “that muscle group” that they can never get in to. The Fit Factor is meant to eliminate those thoughts and that feeling. This plan focuses on FACTORS. Push, Pull, Power and Precision.  If you know more about how the muscles operate together you have a more effective workout. Oh, and its a 50 split with cardio just to slim you down and get those endorphins going.

What’s Included

  • 7 Consecutive Day – 8 Week Cardio-intensive regimen
  • Anatomical Awareness
  • Muscular Functionality Breakdown
  • 24/7 Pride Support & Consultation
  • Guaranteed Results