Kick it up a notch; Defeat the plateau.

Welcome to Phase 2. In phase 1 you learned about joint mobility, flexibility, muscular maintenance and performance. Now you’re able to take that knowledge and turn up the heat. Get ready to be stronger and faster than ever.

This phase focuses on improving your Strength and Agility. Whether you started at Phase 2 or you are new to this phase, our programs take unconventional workouts and introduce them to your performance factor in order to dramatically improve your athleticism.

 Phase 2 –  Strength and Agility Intensification

This is where the majority of people will fall. It is the Phase that can cause most people to give up on their journey to Chiseled Champion. It’s also the phase where most people “Plateau” or experience a heightened level of muscular adaptation. The key to making to and through this phase is changing your routine. Do not be afraid to do something you would not conventionally do. If you’re a Sprinter-try hurdles: Bodybuilder–try Powerlifting, Crossfitter–try incorporating swimming. It’s small changes that will reduce muscle memory, increase speed and add an edge to your body power while keeping your body adapting.


The Training Statement

The intent of this regimen is for Phase 2 athletes to improve their natural physical strength and agility.


Being Alpha is about more than appearance or look; It’s having the confidence in knowing what you are doing an that from here it only get’s better. This regimen is designed specifically for next level athletes looking to get stronger, faster and sexier. It is a mix of powerlifting. muscle building and cardiovascular endurance training to build a well rounded athletic specimen.

What’s Included

  • 7 Consecutive Day – 8 Week Strength and Agility Focused program
  • What is An Alpha?
  • Muscular Functionality Breakdown
  • 24/7 Pride Support & Consultation
  • Guaranteed Results