Elite Fuel:


It Aint Easy


Whether you want to build more lean muscle or hold off hunger between meals, Dayvour™ makes it easier and enjoyable.

On top of getting Whey, Casein and BCAAS, you’ll get the necessary vitamins and minerals to promote healthy circulatory balance in the body. All this wrapped up in the smoothest Whey possible.

Fueling Elite Athletes® with Dayvour Elite whey protein- SOAL Athletics
Dayvour Protein & Muscle Builder supplements | SOAL Athletics


The main milk derivative protein components of Dayvour is Whey and Casein. By combining a ratio of a fast digesting and slow digesting protein, Aminos and Electrolytes, the body is able to get the best of both worlds.

For our Athletes, that means building muscle, recovering and suppresing hunger at the same damn time.

  • 30g of Protein per Scoop
  • 7g Aminos
  • Calcium, Sodium & Electrolytes
  • Only 136 Calories
  • Only 5g Carbohydrates