Victane: BCAA and Electrolyte recovery platform

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VICTANE by SOAL Athletics

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About Victane

Make your hard work pay off today with Victane, a combination of the best amino acids, vitamins and minerals for the perfect recovery platform. Whether you’re going for a run, lifting or sparring, Victane is packed with science-backed ingredients guaranteed to enhance recovery and endurance. 

➤  Post-workout Recovery Optimization with 8 grams of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) to promote muscle protein synthesis.

➤  Glycogen Super-replenishment with simple carbohydrates (Dextrose) and 50mg of Caffeine Anhydrous to maximize uptake.

➤  Performance Hydration blend of electrolytes, magnesium, sodium and potassium to replace what's lost in sweat. 

More Details

  • Supplement Form: Powder
  • Servings per bottle: 30 level scoops
  • Flavors: Primal Pineapple, Boosted Blueberry
  • 100% Drug and Banned-substance free

Proper Usage

As a dietary supplement, take 1 level scoop of Victane 20-30 mintues post exercise. Victane can be blended into a smoothie, taken with juice, or with 12-16oz of water as a post-workout supplement.

Drug-Free Guarantee

We guarantee no banned or illegal substances.

Special Note: Victane and the associated statements are backed by clinical studies but NOT intended to treat, prevent or cure ANY disease.

Shipping & Returns

Upon purchase of any services provided by SOAL Athletics or our affliates on, you have a right to refund up to 7 days after purchase. Feel free to contact our customer support line

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  • Muscle Recovery Matrix

    8 grams of BCAAs (2:1:1 Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine) for muscle support and recovery.

  • Glycogen Replenishment.

    Simple carbohydrates dextrose for quick post exercise sugar uptake. 50mg of caffeine anhydrous maximize uptake and sustained release for glycogen replenishment.

  • High Performance Electrolytes

    Research-backed electrolyte amounts to replenish what's lost in sweat and enhance endurance for future workouts.

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Fueling Elite Athletes...

is our mission to enhance peak athletic performance. It is our guarantee that from cradle to grave, this supplement has been expertly engineered to execute it.