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Kickstarter Bundle by SOAL Athletics

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Our Goal Kickstarter bundle contains everything you need to kick-ass and take personal records in the new year. Wether you want to lose weight, improve your performance or just feel great, this bundle is packed with premium products to ensure you reach your goals. 

Start the journey to becoming your best self with the Goal Kickstarter bundle! It's the perfect kickstart to reach your goals and look good doing it. Best of all, you'll be supported every step of the way with premium personal care products and supplements. Own progress today with the Goal Kickstarter bundle!

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What's Included

➤ Lion's Pneuma ™️ High Performance Pre-Workout (30 Servings)

➤ Victane BCAA & Electrolyte Aid (30 Servings)

➤ SOAL Signature NOEX T-Shirt

➤ Nite Gro®️ Sleep Support & Recovery Aid (30 Servings)

➤ SHREDx Mastercraft for Weight Loss & Dynamic Performance (eBook)

➤ SOAL Gym Duffel - Competition Edition

➤ 16 ounce DuraShaker bottle

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