Stand Tall. Stand Together.


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What is Unisoal™ Initiative

At SOAL Athletics™ we strive to establish a community United by  continuous Excellence: We understand there are people abroad and living right next to door that are in less fortunate situations. We want them to know they are not alone and we are in this fight together.

We founded Unisoal™ with the goal of supporting organizations battling Global systemic issues and the families affected by them. Regardless of your Values, Beliefs, Gender, Color or Sexual Orientation we are all Human: Fighting the constant internal and external battle.

It’s important that we come together , continue to grow and mature as a society with a common goal to excel and become stronger. Your part begins by aiding in that support: A little help can go a long way.

Innocence Project

Life. Liberty. Freedom.

The Innocence Project is a 501 nonprofit legal organization that is committed to exonerating individuals who it claims have been wrongly convicted through the use of DNA testing and to reforming the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice.

Operation Homefront

Support America’s Families.

Operation Homefront is a nonprofit 501 organization headquartered in San Antonio, Texas and Arlington, Virginia. Its stated mission is to “build strong, stable, and secure military families so that they can thrive in the communities they have worked so hard to protect.”

Campaign Zero

Protect The Homefront.

The comprehensive platform of research-based policy solutions to end police brutality in America by limiting police interventions, improving community interactions, and ensuring accountability.

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