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Wether you’re looking for a competitive edge or to regain a stronger sense of focus Primal Mind™ brings your hard work to life. Using a comprehensive amino acid blend and all-natural ingredients, we designed a supplement to enhance your focus, increase your power and sharpen your mental acuity.

It’s time to clear the fog and enjoy what you do better than ever. Make life happen more with Primal Mind™.

What are Nootropics?

Nootropics are supplements designed to improve human cognitive ability and perfomance transmissions such as memory, creativity and immune function.

Potent nootropics can even help indivduals with cogonitive disorders like alzheimers & ADHD.

Optimum Usage...

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Primal Mind™ contains Ingredients that makes sense*

Alpha GPC is a catalyst a chemical in the brain called acetylcholine. It’s main funtion is improving neural functions for cognitive strorage (memory) and cognitive processing (learning).

Gingko Biloba helps improve circulation and blood flow. In some cases Ginkgo an be used to improve memory. 

Ashwagandha helps with stress relief and mood regulation.

Huperzine A is used to improve cognitive function and memory stasis.

Amino acids Tyrosine, Carnitine, Theanine and Leucine are blended together for the essentialfunctions of the body.

Tyrosine: An amino acid used to improve attention and focus.

Carnitine: An amino acid ued for metabolism regulation through cell enhancement.

Theanine: An amino acid used for improve mental function.

Leucine: Essential amino acid used for protein syntheisizing and muscle repair.

Magnesium is a natural nutrient necessary for regulating muscle and nerve function, making protein for DNA synthesis.

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