Alpha Guide: JOURNEY to 22s (eBook)




  • Easy accessible and downloadable pdf on How to Build Amazing Arms
  • 22+ Pages of Total Overhaul Knowledge
  • Complete Anatomical Breakdown to Build Your Mental Arsenal
  • 22+ Pro Tips/Tricks on the Art of Sleeve Busting
  • 5 Complete Workout Days to Blow Out Your Sleeves
  • 1 Bonus Hybrid Workout
  • Some of the Best Content in the Universe


Thank you for your interest in this guide. I don’t have much to say here because the guide will speak for itself. TRUST ME. I appreciate each and everyone one of you that has an interest in improving some aspect of yourself. You all are the reason we can make things like this guide possible. I look forward to seeing the progress you all make and the level of domination you bring. Happy Lifting Pride and continue living the SOAL mentality.

Yours In Iron,

Darius M. Riddick

CEO, SOAL Athletics



The following people were instrumental in making this guide possible:

Special Thanks to:

Barbara Taylor — Ligia Rodrigues — Darryl Green — Micha Kaufman — Jorsi Rodriguez — Pean Saliasi — C.T. Fletcher — Adam Persell and the entire SOAL Athletics Team.




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