‘ILXR’ fat burner

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ILXR®: Beauty meets Brilliance

Our female fat burner has been crafted to enhance the neural connectivity in the mind, stabilize the natural hormone levels and target residual adipose at the root.

  • ILXR fat burner (30 Servings)




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1 review for ‘ILXR’ fat burner

  1. Katie Harvey

    My husband and I have been customers of Soal Mentality for a few months now. I have used Lion’s Pnuema Pre-Workout, War Beast BCAA Complex, and Dayvour Whey Protein Matrix regularly and it has helped me be more efficient and recover better with my workouts. In the past I have had problems with protein powders making me feel sick after working out but Dayvour was the first one I found that did not do that. I also was lucky enough to sample ILXR Cognitive Balancer as it neared the end of the production process and wow. I noticed an insane difference in my productivity, concentrationon, and energy the mornings that I took it. It will soon be added into my daily routine. Along with the preworkout, BCAA, and protein, my husband has included Graze Pro Joint Support and Nite Gro Pro Sleep Support into his routine. You seriously cannot go wrong with any of these products. Every product has been wonderful. Ground very fine so they blend perfectly and never clump and the flavors are always great which I love. We will definitely continue to be repeat customers and recommend to any gym enthusiast or athlete.

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