Burden of Back

Build The Endurance of A Titan

(Paperback Only)



 It’s that wonderful time to build a wide ass, defined back! This is an athlete’s guide to building a stronger more aesthetically orgasmic back.

We engineered this guide for male and female athletes who want to build a their back endurance and strengthen their posterior chain.

Atlas’s eternal burden is quite a symbolic figure in Greek Mythology. The role he played of holding the weight of the heavens on one’s shoulder, symbolizes the hardships and struggles that many of us must endure today. His strength shows us that even the most impossible tasks can be achieved by Willpower and Endurance.

His unwavering strength is the premise of Back. Without the belief of strength behind you, everything will come crumbling down. Without a strong back, the weight of the heavens would come crashing down upon us. But with knowledge, perseverance and resilience– holding the entire weight of A world one’s shoulders, can be possible!

What's Included

  • Available in an Easily accessible digital e-Book
  • 9 Day Strength Program to build a dynamic back and posterior chain integrity.
  • — Pro tips/tricks to effectively shred excess body weight.
  • — Science backed movements to improve the functionality of the lower body.
  • All Access Pass to the best high-performance practices in the Fitness Industry.
  • Over 20 years of training research written and backed by proven methods.
  • Ideal tasking for any level Athlete from beginner, to bodybuilder or experienced olympic lifter.

Versions Available

Available in eBook (digital) or Paperback format.

The Digital Title is only available for purchase on Amazon


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Terminal Objective

To build a sustainable lean mass platform and increase muscular endurance through The concepts of Eccentric and Concentric Pull Phasing and repetition strength. These concepts are implemented to enhance functionality and dynamic output of the  back and Kinetic Chain.


The SOAL Athlete Progression Model (APM) is our way of monitoring, executing and expanding an athlete’s path to peak performance. The factors in this guide will fall under Phase 2 of  the SOAL APM.

About The Author

Darius M. Riddick is the CEO & Founder of SOAL Athletics, Inc. He founded SOAL in 2018 with the premise of Fueling Elite Athletes®. Darius began his athletic career as kid, playing football and running track. Shortly after High School ,Darius had the burning desire to serve, in which he joined the United States Air Force as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician. It was there he fell in love with Fitness. He earned his bodybuilding Pro Card in Classic Physique and shortly thereafter, shook the Powerlifting Platform with 3 World Records. Today, Darius is an active Performance Enhancement Specialist pursuing a B.S. degree in Health and Wellness from Purdue University.


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