The Blueprint to Perfect Glutes.



Glutes 2.0: The Perfect Guide to Perfect Glutes includes everything you need to know about creating the ideal booty, from top pro tips to top exercise/stretch routines all put together to enable you to maximize success.

Now you can learn the proper way to turn your Tiny Tooshie into a Thicc Booty.

What's Included

Everything you need and more…

  • All inclusive and easy accessible eBook, GROWING GLUTES
  • 8 Week pro designed, Perfect Peach, Booty-Building program
  • ‘Back-stage’ Pass to the best Booty-Building tips in the Fitness Industry
  • Darius’s 5 Top Pro tips to maximizing your Thiccness*
  • 11 Blueprint workouts for beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes. (No more guessing)
BONUS: Previously unseen Inspirational and informative content from top athletes to make your goals a reality.

Do you want that booty you’ve always fantasized about? Are you ready to get your booty toned? The Perfect Guide to Perfect Glutes was specifically designed to make your dream come true!

This guide contains exactly what you need to build that perfect booty. Stayed focused, work hard, and continue to pursue your goals. We want nothing more than for you to possess a perfectly toned booty!


Build your booty with a pro

All the best practices for getting your dream booty are contained in this guide. This extremely reliable and efficient guide contains all the exercise knowledge you need to be able to build a perfectly toned booty.

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