8-Week Transformation blueprint (SHRED)

Lose Weight & Transform your Body 



This book was written to show you exactly how to learn how to get in better shape, promote advanced fat burning and transform your physique through systematic endurance programming.

On top of that I am going to help you find what will work for you so that even after the read you’re more likely to succeed with your goals.

With this guide you will…

  • Lose weight and feel the best you ever have
  • Avoid a lot of diseases caused by a sedentary lifestyle and inactivity
  • Enjoy the journey of exploring new ways to get in the best shape of your life
What's Included

Here’s a quick glance of what you’ll find inside this book…

  1. How to accurately and efficiently carry out proper movements that will target stubborn ‘fat deposit’ areas.
  2. The science of proper phasing and training progression with a program specifically built for intermediate and advanced weightlifters.


  • Available in an Easily accessible digital e-Book 
  • 30 Day in depth weight loss program to shed excess body fat and gain linear strength and still be a beast in the gym
  • 31 science-backed Pro Tips/Tricks to effectively shred excess body weight.
  • Over 41 movements proven by athletes to improve muscle functionality and extensibility.
  • Private access to some of the best practices in the Fitness Industry that most people don’t know




In fact, finding what works for your body can be done for as little as $40 and an hour in the gym a day…

Let me explain how,Everyone at some point in their life can think of a time when they wanted their ” dream body”. Now what that looks like for everyone is different but one thing is for sure, getting there can be frustrating.

You don’t need to: Spend Hundreds of Dollars on a personal trainer

You don’t need to: Have great genetics or take steroids

You don’t need to: Fast every-day or only eat boring chicken breast and broccoli

You don’t need to: Think it’s impossible
This book was written to show you exactly how to learn how to lose weight through a systematic program and find what will work for you.
The reward is not only an incredible physique to show for it, but continuous gains and enjoying your training as an advanced lifter

– Darius M. Riddick, PES

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“A person’s overall health, in my opinion, is the foundation to their life. 

Without that foundation and discipline, your life is built on an unstable ground and can even collapse if you’re not careful.”

Aaron E. Hughes

Airman. Athlete. DOminator

Transform your body and lose weight fast in the Warlion's Inferno //SOAL

Bundle & Save BIG!

Getting in better shape is hard enough, so we decided to make it fast and simple. The Shred & Transform bundle provides in All-in-One package to improve your physique, lose weight and look fantastic. Get your bundle today to transform your body and feel better than ever.

Includes Warlion’s Inferno eBook,  Best Selling Pre-Workout, Aminos, Sleep & Recovery supplement and high-quality Whey Protein.

Transform your body and lose weight fast in the Warlion's Inferno //SOAL


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