Hunting BICEPS

Perfecting Primal Peaks.



Biceps are perhaps the most notable and craved game in the hunt through fitness. No matter what your goals may be, at some point you have craved the ”sexy flex” that comes form a nice pair of arms.

For many of us, it was the first goal targeted during the hunt. Their simplistic, yet tantric manner attracts everyone from enthusiast to professional athletes.

Unfortunately, the quest for bigger, better biceps doesn’t yield success from simple external stimulus: In fact, they require unmatched courage, pinpoint knowledge and unwavering determination to achieve and maintain progress.

What's Included

  • Available in an easy accessible and downloadable pdf
  • Full breakout of how professional athletes increase the size, strength and funciton of their biceps.
  • 34 Pages of Total Overhaul Knowledge
  • 41 Pro Tips/Tricks on the Building functional biceps
  • 6 Secret Bicep Developing hacks you can’t find anywhere else.
  • 10-day Complete Muscle Building & Strength development plan to improve your Biceps


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