Alpha Guide: SHRED CITY (eBook)

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SHRED CITY: Advanced Fat-burning program


  • Easy accessible and downloadable pdf on The Art of Fat-Burning, How to break the shed stubborn pounds.
  • 26+ Pages of Total Overhaul Knowledge
  • 30 Pro Tips/Secrets on the Art of Fat Burning
  • 10 Common fat-burning errors
  • 14 day Complete Workout Plan to improve your physique and lose weight
  • Some of the Best Content in the Universe

Written by Darius M. Riddick

A SOAL Athletics product

2 reviews for Alpha Guide: SHRED CITY (eBook)

  1. Melvin Albercrombie


    • SOAL Athletics

      You’re welcome! We hope you are enjoying your SHRED CITY journey. Be sure to hit us up if you have any questions.

      Yours in Iron
      – Team SOAL

  2. Taylor (verified owner)

    If you’re searching for a program that will put your physical and mental limits to the test , this 14 day shred is the most challenging that I’ve completed. Most days I left the gym barely able to walk! Towards the end of the challenge I started noticing that I was getting faster and could do more reps to failure than in the beginning. I wasn’t out of breath after just a few reps and I could complete the workouts without a full rest period in between sets. I liked this program so much that I’ve decided to do it twice in a row!

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