What is Warfighter Wellness?

Warfighter Wellness™ is an initiative to sustain, maintain and improve physical activity and mission readiness of all military personnel. The protocol is divided into three sectors to expand performance capabilities through Wellness, Athletics and Readiness to minimize the risk of mission compromise.

To ensure Air Power reigns supreme, we must maintain a heightened sense of readiness 365 days a year, regardless of hardship. Decreased physical performance can and will be a threat to National Security. If the trend continues, mission completion and Adversarial Deterrence is at risk.

How it's done


Warfighter Wellness™ makes it easy for you to get information on all wellness spectrums right at your fingertips. Our top subject matter experts expertly combined the necessary wellness tactics for a streamlined source of simple, yet accurate information.


One thing we can be confident about is our science and experience backed platform. It’s rare you’ll find an organization that is able to bring both to the table, but we do. Our creators are current or former Warfighters with a passion of wellness, innovation and winning. Our “been there, done that” attitude is the backbone of Warfighter Wellness and why we maintain a strong knowledge base.


Much like the people it’s designed for, Warfighter Wellness is constantly changing. By forward thinking, we are already ahead of the curve in health programming. We focus on how to evolve for issues in the future by perfecting our craft in the now. Bringing the best version of Warfighter to the battlefield is priority #1.

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Warfighter Wellness™ is a Non-Profit organization created for all Active, Reserve/Guard & Veteran Military Personnel. Warfighter Wellness™ is Registered Trademark of SOAL International Nutrition Company. Copyright © 2023 SOAL Athletics. All Rights Reserved.