What is a SOALDIER?

Our SOALDIER™ program is the epitome of ambassador representation. As a SOALDIER™ you become a part of an Elite group of individuals who represent a higher cause. SOALDIERs dignify our core values of Belief, Integrity, Leadership, Discipline and Respect in everything they do. 

SOALDIERs are an extension of the Voice of Victory. As such they extend the SOAL Core Values and beliefs in health prosperity to those within their scope of influence. Besides being a part of a prestigious program, deciding to become a SOALDIER™ comes with amazing benefits both personal and professional

Benefits of Becoming a SOALDIER™️


Everyone is about that mula $$$ and we are no strangers to hard work. You word and work out in the field through health and wellness is what really grows our community.

Every pride member, and furthermore sale SOALDIER ambassadors bring home translates into loyalty rewards for their account.


Your vote matters! We go by what the people want, and what the people want, goes. As an extension of the SOALDIER ambassador Product Inclusion aspect, you will receive samples of new flavors and new products right to your doorstep before it ever goes public.

The future of health and wellness is in your pallet.


Every SOALDIER ambassador receives a personal discount code that is unique to them. Of which they receive a percentage discount on all products as well as royalty percentage when other customers use their code.