How does SOAL support black health?

Part of our mission is to promote wellness and solve health problems in underrepresented communities. For decades underepresented minority groups have died prematurely from a lack adequate health care.

Statisticaly, Black American Adults have a higher mortality (death rate) than any other minority group on Earth. Fueling Elite Athletes is about more than optimizing athletic performance...its about ensuring every group is adequately represented and supported on the path to peak performance.

How we Support Black Health

The foundation of our research in Complimentary and Alternative medicine stems from the increasing mortality rate of black adults. Though we are not a research based entity, our Health products are science-backed to enable black propserity.

1) Mission One: Combating Heart Disease

Among the top priorities to minimize mortality rates are Diet and Stress-induced Hypertension, Obesity, Atherosclerosis (A common form of Heart Disease).

BY minimizing the risk factors associated ith chronic disease, we can, in theory, enable health prosperity in an unerrepresented group and reverse the uptrending mortality rats.

In simple terms, black adults will leave healthier and longer.