Fueling a Functional Vehicle

  • Have you ever put diesel in a hybrid?
  • What about putting a mini cooper engine in a Ferrari?
  • You can imagine what the consequences would be. It does not make sense to do something like that does it.

SO let me ask you this…why would you do it with your body?

The most important part of the fitness journey is nutrition. Think of the body as a car. You can clean it every day, put new tires, rims and paint but if you are putting diesel fuel in a mini cooper…well…we already discussed that. Everyone’s body type is different (like the many different types of cars) which means that sometimes they may require a different kind of fuel to run effectively and efficiently. (rather than the standard premium or unleaded).  Let’s put this in perspective. When you put the proper fuel in the proper vehicle its designed to make it from Point A to Point B and so on. Some vehicles depending on make/model were designed to get to the destination faster and last longer but good news… they all still get there.

This journey will take time…but you’ll be along for the long run if you properly fuel it. This is why our meal plans are customized to the user and the end goal. Even if we cannot guarantee your specific results you’ll learn amazing things along the way to get you where you need to go.


Know More

Ultimately your lifestyle and eating habits will determine everything about life. How you feel and how you look are the largest revealing factors to a healthy or unhealthy diet. Knowing what’s right for you and why you are eating a specific way are the first steps.