About Us

What does SOAL stand for?
SOAL stands for Spirit of A Lion. It’s the name, mascot and mantra behind the brand.
What does SOAL Athletics do?
SOAL Athletics specializes in improving human performance through Fitness, Nutrition and Supplementation. Read more about our mission HERE
Do you ship international?
We currently have A UK hub and a US hub. We distribute our products to countries across the globe based on their location to the hub
Do you ship to APO?
We offer shipping to all APO/ Military PO boxes around the world.
Where are you located?
Our main hub is located in North Dakota, USA. Our international hub is located in the United Kingdom.

Training & Nutrition

What are Alpha Guides?
Our alpha guides are our simple, downloadable training plans for all goals and training styles. Check out more of them HERE
How are your training guides made?
We take years of professional certification, military training and competition knowledge and place them in a convenient downloadable eBook.


Where are your supplements made?
Our supplements are designed and manufactured in the USA
What kind of supplements do you have?
We currently have 7 different products. Whey Protein, Pre Workout, Fat Burner, Joint Support, Sleep Support, BCAAs and a Plant Based protein. Read more about all our products HERE
Are your supplements drug free?
Our supplements have been matched to the World Anti-Doping Agency banned substance list and are currently undergoing the certification process.

Your Account

How do I create an account?
On the Home Page, simple click on ‘My Account’ and create a username and password. You can now access all previous orders and preferences. HERE
How do I change a forgotten my password?
Click on ‘My Account’ in the menu bar and then ‘Forgot My Password’. Follow the instructions for your new log in. HERE
How do I use the loyalty program?
Each purchase through our website accumulates points to use towards future orders. Upon accumulating enough points for a free item, you will have the option to apply the points at checkout. View more on our loyalty program here