Lion’s Weekly



The Lion’s Weekly Challenge is the sounding of an alarm: A calling to all athletes who crave a continous challenge.

For us the call to a physical challenge is like a drug…an itch that can be scratched. We may not be able to satiate that passion but we can prolong it…for now.

Each week I’ll present  challenge that will test every fiber of your performance, making you a more lethal and mentally acuitive athlete. Your accomplishment and hard work won’t go unnoticed as each challenge comes with it’s own reward.

If you’re ready to train with the elite and take on some of my greatest challenges, then scroll down and let’s execute.

– Darius M. Riddick

13 – 19, June 2020 Challenge

100, PULL UPS in 30 minutes

Perform 100 Pull Ups or Chin Ups in 30 minutes.

Chin must go above the bar without any external assistance. 


Submit your challenge and claim your reward in 3 simple steps:

1. Perform the challenge in your local gym, home or even outside. Be sure to film the challenge from start to finis with all parameters recorded. NOTE: Video cannot be edited, cut or scripted.

2. Submit your raw video to our team, before the last day of the challenge to be reviewed. Our team will check your video out to make sure you hit all the requirements.

3. If you beat the challenge, you will be contacted by our team and congratulated on your victory. From there, we’ll get some more of your information and have your reward sent on it’s way.

Current Challenge Reward


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