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The SOAL Mentality®

It’s more than mindset…

SOAL Athletics® was founded in 2018 by a team of athletes with the wild belief that anything is possible. With Discipline, Resilience, Excellence, Ambition and Morality your wildest dreams will manifest into reality.

When you’re able to overcome the perceived limits holding you back and face life with a no excuses attitude, even in your darkest times you prove that you can achieve anything. We began to understand that the attitude & desire to excel didn’t just translate to the gym, platform or court, it could be applied to every aspect of life.

That No Excuses and by every means necessary mindset became a staple for SOAL Athletics® and transformed into what we call the SOAL Mentality®. When you adopt the SOAL Mentality® in Mind, Body and Spirit, it’s not a matter of if you’ll achieve your goal, it’s when.

The SOAL Mentality is more than a mindset…it’s a way of life.

Our Mission & Vision

Our belief of Fueling Elite Athletes® is to provide a transparent pathway for people of all shapes, sizes and lifestyles to achieve their goals and reach levels they’ve never gone before. We take extreme pride in designing & manufacturing high-quality Performance nutrition and overall wellness.

Engineering excellence is what we do and we pal to Lead the Human Performance Race into the Future of  through Genetic Innovation and Biodiagnetics™.




Taylor Tucker




Ligia Rodrigues

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D.R.E.A.M. Big

At SOAL Athletics® our core values set the precedence, climate and culture of our community.

When you DREAM, there is no such thing as too big.


Core Value #1 Discipline: It’s important to practice discipline in everything you do; your finances, your mental practices and most importantly your health. Think about your life as a building with pillars. Each pillar has to be tended to and built with the utmost rigor to sustain expansion. Any weak spot in those pillars and everything comes tumbling down. Discipline is your brick, your mortar, your strong foundation. 


Core Value #2: It’s no longer about bouncing back from adversity but about being able to move through adversity. That power begins with focusing on the cause and building the bulletproof mental strength: Whatever doesm’t kill you, will only make your stronger.


Core Value #3: One of the Most important vales that one can exhibit. Excellence in everything we do is what binds us to the Foundation.


Core Value #4: Every dream worth achieving, start’s with first believing that it’s possible. It’s the beginning link in a chain to greatness. Regardless of the size, life truly begins to unfold when you believe ANYTHING is possible.


Core Value #5: The difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is their morality. Do you do what’s right when no is around AND when everyone is around? When those people match up, goals begin to make a hell of a lot more sense.

Excellence no color | SOAL Athletics


At SOAL Athletics® equality is one of our top priorities. We believe that Excellence has no Age, Gender, Color, Race or Sexual Orientation. As such, we take pride in holding the highest standard of wide spectrum acceptance.

We make it our #1 priority to eliminate prejudice, discrimination and harassment from entry-level employee to top-level executive.



We have a 0 tolerance policy for any drugs, illegal substances or harmful ingredients that may jeopardize your Health or Performance. We believe in Physical Domination by scientific methods and athletic prowess: That does not involve any SARMS, Steroids, Anabolic Androgens, Hormonal Inhibitors or substances that try to change your biological makeup. Because of this, all of are substances are tested, regulated and implemented by an FDA registered facility.


We take extreme Pride in the fact that all of our supplements are guaranteed DRUG and BANNED SUBSTANCE FREE. One slip up could jeopardize the entire course of your career. Because Integrity and Respect are part of our Core Values, we have a complete disclosure policy with our supplements to make sure you know exactly what’s going into your body. Our supplementation transparency ensures your safety


Fueling Elite Athletes® wasn’t the beginning and it won’t be the end.

Our Prestigious heritage steamrolls from an unquenchable desire of Excellence and personal dominance.

Although fresh in age, our heritage will last generations.

SOAL logo

The SOAL Athletics® logo is a multi-layer representation of the brand.

The core of the logo are the letters S.O.A.L in victorious white which are an acronym for Spirit Of A Lion.

The silhouette of the lion within the S and O represent Alpeyak, the wisdom and tenacity of the brand.

The Outtermost layer consists of four stacked slashes in Electric Yellow that represent the overwhelming energy and ‘by any means’ culture.


Unisoal™ is the SOAL Athletics Initiative to bring together the possiblity of united health.

Together we can change the future.