BREAD | SOAL Athletics | Personal Dominance
Value #1: Belief in the Process
Every dream worth achieving, start’s with first believing that it’s possible. It’s the beginning link in a chain to greatness. Regardless of the size, life truly begins to unfold when you believe ANYTHING is possible.
Value #2: Unwavering Resilience
It’s no longer about bouncing back from adversity but about being able to move through adversity. That power begins with focusing on the cause and building the bulletproof mental strength: Whatever kill you, will only make your stronger.
Value #3: Excellence In Every Aspect
One of the Most important vales that one can exhibit. Excellence in everything we do is what binds us to the Foundation.
Value #4: Appreciation for Life
Appreciation is your ability to be grateful for the life that you live. Understanding that although a situation may not be ideal, things can and will get better when you stop and appreciate the little things.
Value#5: Discipline in Everything we do
It’s important to practice discipline in everything you do; your finances, your mental practices and most importantly your health. Think about your life as a building with pillars. Each pillar has to be tended to and built with the utmost rigor to sustain expansion. Any weak spot in those pillars and everything comes tumbling down. Discipline is your brick, your mortar, your strong foundation.